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MVSA Summer Philosophy

If your child is new to volleyball and/or does not play club volleyball, then summer can be a great time to explore the many options for playing.

If your child does play club volleyball, then you might be tempted to sign them up for volleyball camps/clinics all summer long so they won't get "left behind". But that may not be the best idea. Young bodies need time to recover from a long club season. Instead, maybe your child can try a different sport this summer. Anything that makes you a better athlete makes you a better volleyball player, and there will be plenty of time after summer to get back into the swing of things.

If your child does want to play volleyball, then sand or grass doubles/triples is a great option. While still teaching all of skills of volleyball, it loads the joints and muscles differently than the indoor game. It also forces you to be a better overall player because there is less specialization. There still can be benefits in attending a quality indoor camp/clinic during the summer. Just don't overdue it.

Advantages Of Grass/Sand Volleyball

When compared to regular indoor volleyball, outdoor volleyball (grass or sand) has some distinct advantages:

  • Increased number of touches per player
  • Application of all skills and differing strategies with no position specialization
  • A more forgiving, joint-friendly surface to reduce repetitive impact injury risk
  • Increased cardiovascular loading for a great workout

Many of these benefits come from the fact that outdoor volleyball is typically played with fewer players per side (2v2, 3v3, 4v4) when compared to regular indoor volleyball (6v6). That means that players have more opportunities to play the ball and they are forced to play all positions (defense, setter, and hitter).

Available Programs

While we love the outdoor game during the summer for all the reasons mentioned above, we understand that it might not interest everyone. As such, we always try to offer a variety of programs (both outdoor and indoor) during the summer to meet a wide array of needs. To see the list of the programs we are offering this summer, please check out our summer program registration page.



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