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So, I Heard You Want to Play Volleyball?!?!

Interested in playing volleyball? Fantastic! We think it is a wonderful sport and we hope you will as well.

While participation in any sport is beneficial, volleyball excels at teaching lessons that build tomorrow's leaders. Communication, teamwork, organization, focus, dedication... and all in a sport you can play for a lifetime!

Whether you want to play casually in our recreational league or competitively with one of our club teams, you will find that volleyball is a great way to have fun, stay in shape, build strength/coordination, and make friends. And MVSA Volleyball Club is a great partner in your journey!

Available Programs

MVSA Volleyball Club runs volleyball programs throughout the year so there is always something to do. At a high level, the schedule looks like this:

  • Fall Recreational League (August - October)
  • Club Volleyball (November - May)
  • Summer Program (June - July)

Fall Recreational League

Registration for our fall recreational league starts every year on August 1st and the season runs from September through October.

The recreational league has multiple divisions based on grade level and experience. As a result, it can function as a great introduction to volleyball (and to MVSA Volleyball Club) or as a great warmup for the club season. The league fills up quickly every year so be sure to set a reminder for the next season now!

PLEASE NOTE: Our recreational league is for girls only. If you are looking for opportunities for boys, then please check the CHRVA website for clubs that offer boys programs.

Club Volleyball

Our club program starts with tryouts in early November and the season runs from then through May of the following year.

For those not familiar with club volleyball, it is the volleyball equivalent of other “travel” sports, and is for players that have decided they have a passion for the game. It is a larger commitment (in both time and money) compared to recreational programs and offers the most opportunities to develop and improve your skills. The season is longer, the teams practice more often (2-3 times a week), and they compete in a mix of local, regional, and national tournaments. Club volleyball can be very rewarding and is a lot of fun. 

If you really enjoy volleyball and/or have dreams of playing volleyball in college or beyond, then playing in a quality club program is a must.

PLEASE NOTE: Our club volleyball program is for girls only. If you are looking for opportunities for boys, then please check the CHRVA website for clubs that offer boys programs.

Summer Program

Our summer program is our newest program and involves a mix of outdoor grass volleyball and indoor clinics during June and July.



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