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The MVSA Volleyball Story

The Montgomery Village Sports Association (MVSA) was started in the 1980s to bring sports opportunities to the youth of Montgomery Village.  It started with a single sport and expanded over the years to provide additional programs. Volleyball was added in 1991 when Roger Stewart and Roger Heald started a youth recreational league. MVSA Volleyball Club (MVSA VBC) expanded to include club volleyball affiliated with USA Volleyball (formerly USVBA) in 1993 with a single team.

While MVSA Volleyball Club still maintains a close relationship with both Montgomery Village and the Montgomery Village Sports Association, we are now an independent organization that offers volleyball opportunities throughout the year to all the youth of Montgomery County and its surrounding areas.

MVSA Volleyball Club's Mission

MVSA Volleyball Club is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to improving the lives of young people through the sport of volleyball. It is our mission to:

  • Teach and improve players' skills and knowledge of the sport of volleyball
  • Encourage teamwork and good sportsmanship
  • Foster an appreciation of the relationship between effort and success
  • Provide an inclusive program free of barriers to participation

In its many years of serving the community, MVSA Volleyball Club has been steadfast in its belief that our programs should always be centered around the needs of our athletes. Every decision is made with an eye toward improving the experience of the young people involved, not making things easier for ourselves.

What Makes MVSA Volleyball Different?

MVSA Volleyball's mission may sound like that of thousands of other volleyball clubs, but it isn't. That is because of what lies behind the mission. Or rather what lies behind our motivation to carry on that mission.

Even though MVSA has been serving the community for several decades, we are still guided by the same underlying values as when we were founded. We don't treat families like ATMs, or make outlandish claims of where a young person might go if they only sign up for yet another camp or clinic. We believe that youth sports can have huge benefits for young people and those can be realized without bankrupting families in the process.

We do strive to have the best, highest performing programs we can, but it is not our goal to have the "fanciest". We want to deliver real value for our families and do everything we can to make that happen.

Volunteerism and MVSA Volleyball

Since its beginning, MVSA Volleyball Club has been a volunteer-led organization. While youth sports organizations across the country have shifted to a for-profit model, MVSA Volleyball Club has held true to our belief that high quality youth sports opportunities should be as widely available as possible, and that volunteerism is a key component of that. 

Do not confuse "volunteer" with low-quality. Whether a person is paid to complete a task has absolutely no bearing on whether they are actually good at that task. "Volunteer" does speak volumes toward motivation however. The many people behind MVSA Volleyball Club volunteer their valuable time because they love working with young people, they love the sport of volleyball, and they are fortunate enough in their life situations to not need a paycheck for their involvement. And we are all the better for it.



MVSA Volleyball Club
10079 Stedwick Rd Unit 2114
Montgomery Village, MD 20886