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Rec Program Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to provide answers to common questions about our recreational volleyball program, and other related topics below. Please read through all the questions/answers and feel free to contact us if you still have questions.

  • What makes MVSA's recreational program different?
    Most recreational volleyball programs are one size fits all. Not MVSA's program. We break our program up into multiple divisions of play and then go through the large amount of effort to populate each division with players of the appropriate skill level. We further invest a great deal of time building evenly matched teams within each division to ensure the best possible competition during the season. It is a lot of work, but we think it is the only way to give everyone the best experience possible.
  • Why is it important that a recreational program have divisions of play? Isn't is supposed to be just for fun?
    It is absolutely supposed to be fun. That is the whole point! We find that both enjoyment and learning are enhanced when players are feeling appropriately challenged and a valuable member of their team. Having multiple divisions of play allows us to do that. Deviate too far from an ideal level of challenge and you create an environment that turns players away from sport. That is not what we want to do! 
  • Are there other advantages to having multiple divisions of play?
    Having multiple divisions of play provides a lot of flexibility to adjust both our instruction and the rules of play in appropriate ways. The "adult" game of volleyball requires a high degree of skill to keep the ball in the air and a rally going. It is not appropriate for players that are just starting out or for those still developing the basic skills. By having multiple divisions of play we can make the necessary rule adjustments to drive learning and accelerate growth for these athletes toward playing the adult version of the game. For those already skilled enough to play the adult game, we can make scoring adjustments to emphasis important aspects of the game like serve and serve receive. MVSA has decades of experience teaching volleyball at all levels. We understand the game and are not afraid to put in the work necessary to tailor the game in appropriate ways to get the most out of our players.
  • Do you accept walk-in registrations?
    No, you must register on our website before coming to evaluations. We will not take any "walk-in registrations".
  • Why are there evaluations for a recreational league? Are cuts going to be made?
    The evaluation process is NOT a tryout and there are no "cuts" made as a result of it. Everyone who registers for the league will make a team and will play. Evaluations is simply an opportunity for us to get to know you (and vice versa), and to learn where you are as an athlete and volleyball player. Based on the information we learn at evaluations we are able to assign everyone to an appropriate division of play and create evenly matched teams within each division.
  • When and where are evaluations?
    Evaluations happen on a weekend in mid/late August. You can find the exact dates on the information page ("Important Dates" section). We will release a more detailed schedule for evaluations (including location information) as we get closer to the dates. Everyone registered for the league will be scheduled for one evaluation session. A session is a 1.5 to 2 hour block of time typically somewhere between 9am and 8pm. Prior to evaluations, all registrants will receive a message indicating the specific evaluation session they have been assigned.
  • I can not attend evaluations. Is that okay?
    The evaluation process is a very important part of the recreational league and you should consider attendance for it mandatory. While you will be "assigned" a specific evaluation date/time there is some flexibility regarding the session you attend. If you are unable to attend any of the advertised evaluation dates then you may want to reconsider registering for the league. If you played for MVSA's club program the past season then please let us know (during registration) you will not be able to attend so that we can reach out to your team coach to determine where you might best fit in the league.
  • I don't agree with the division I was assigned to. What can I do?
    Evaluations drives all division assignments. We take this process very seriously and work hard to determine an appropriate division (level of play) for every athlete based on our decades of experience in running the league. Mistakes do happen though so if you disagree with your division/team assignment then please contact us and we will review the situation.
  • I requested a review of my division assignment but no changes were made. Can I get a refund?
    Refunds will not be provided because you disagree with the division you were assigned to. We take the evaluation/review process very seriously and ask that you trust we have your best interests in mind when we made your final division assignment.
  • When will the practice schedule be posted?
    While we would love to have the practice schedule posted as early as possible, it rarely works out that way. Finalizing the schedule often requires teams to be created so that we can ensure that assignments do not conflict with the needs of our team coaches.
  • I need to carpool with another family for games and/or practices in order for my athlete to participate. Will that be possible to arrange?
    We have attempted to accommodate long-distance carpool requests in the past. However, as the league has grown, the effort required to make such accommodations has simply become unsustainable. While it may be possible to make carpool arrangements after teams have been formed, the burden of doing so will be completely your's. If that will be an issue, then you may want to reconsider registering for the league.


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