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MVSA Will Send Six Teams To 2023 USAV Nationals!

By MVSA VBC, 03/27/23, 12:00PM EDT


What a wonderful weekend for MVSA! Six teams earned bids to USAV Nationals and more are in line to earn one through the "trickle down" process. It is so great to see the hard work of our players and coaches pay off with such strong performances.  Read More

The weekend of CHRVA Bid Regionals is one we always have marked on our calendars. It is where the region's bids to USAV Nationals are earned and is always a great test of everything MVSA does. That is why it is a such a pleasure to see our teams perform so well. A huge congratulations to our teams that have earned a bid to USAV Nationals!

  • Chaos 11 - 11U 1st Place (National Bid)
  • Vortex 12 - 12U 2nd Place (American Bid)
  • Wahoo! 13 - 13U 3rd Place (Liberty Bid)
  • Force 14 - 14U 5th Place (Freedom Bid)
  • Charge 15 - 15U 3rd Place (Freedom Bid)
  • Sparks 16 - 16U 4th Place (Freedom Bid)

While they haven't earned a bid yet, the strong performances of these team(s) have set them up to possibly earn one in the event that additional bids come to the region through the "trickle down" process:

  • Tornadoes 11 - 11U 3rd Place

We also saw strong performances from these teams as well!

  • Thunder 12 - 12U 5th Place
  • Wild 15 - 15U 9th Place
  • Fusion 16 - 16U 13th Place

Participation in CHRVA Bid Regionals is limited to only the top ranked teams in the region. It is a huge honor that MVSA had so many teams participate this year including a number of our "second" teams. In fact, MVSA had more second teams participate than any other club. Go MVSA!

  • MVSA 11 Chaos 1st Place (11U) - National Bid
  • MVSA 12 Vortex 2nd Place (12U) - American Bid
  • MVSA 13 Wahoo! 3rd Place (13U) - Liberty Bid
  • MVSA 14 Force 5th Place (14U) - Freedom Bid
  • MVSA 15 Charge 3rd Place (15U) - Freedom Bid
  • MVSA 16 Sparks 4th Place (16U) - Freedom Bid