Tryout Registration {

Registration for MVSA 2020/21 Club Tryouts is Now Closed

Please see the tryout information page for more details on the schedule, age divisions, and other important information. For any other questions please see our club FAQ.


Club Tryout Participation Checklist

Region and club rules make participation in tryouts for any club a multi-step process. Please follow each of the steps below to make sure you are ready come tryout time.

  1. Determine your age group - Please read through the information on the tryout information page and make sure you fully understand which age group is the appropriate one. If your daughter is U10 eligible, please see the next section.
  2. Determine when tryouts are - Use your age group and the schedule on the tryout information page to determine where and when you should show up. We can't select you for a team if you aren't there or show up for the wrong tryouts. Please see the note about multiple sessions below.
  3. Register with USAV/CHRVA - Please follow the directions in the side bar on the right to register with USAV/CHRVA. This step is required by all USAV clubs operating in the region. If you are attending the tryouts for multiple clubs, you only need to register with USAV/CHRVA once as that membership will be good for all tryouts.
  4. Register with MVSA
    • U10 eligible players please see below.
    • U11-U18 players can register using our tryout registration form (closed). The cost to participate in tryouts is $50 and must be paid at registration time.
  5. Complete the facility waiver - In order to enter the tryout facility, all participants must complete a health survey and waiver. Please complete the waiver ahead of time and bring it with you to tryouts. Please note, some parts of the waiver should only be completed the morning of tryouts.
  6. Take a deep breath and do your best - We understand that tryouts can be a stressful time for players AND parents. Take a deep breath and enjoy the experience. We hope things work out for you. 


PLEASE NOTE: In past years, MVSA tryouts have been two-day events. For a number of reasons, including CHRVA rule changes necessitated by the pandemic, tryouts will only be one day this season. If we can not accommodate everyone, we reserve the right to refund registration fees for those we are not able to handle.


U10 Registration

If your daughter is U10 eligible and is in the 4th grade, please register using this form (closed). We normally hold tryouts for U10 players but due to the pandemic, we will skip the tryouts and simply let you register for the club season directly at no cost. If your daughter is in 3rd grade, we hope we will see you next year.