Club Fees {

The COVID-19 pandemic injects a great deal of uncertainty into the 2020/21 club season. As a result, there may be a number of deviations relative to what is described below. MVSA will not ask for additional money during the season (beyond the fee schedule described below) but how teams stay on budget (and what is covered) may change. For example, practice space is significantly more expensive this year so teams may adjust their tournament schedule, or make alternate hotel arrangements (e.g., players stay with parents).

While MVSA can not predict what will happen, we can commit to always doing what is right for our players and their families. That is why we were one of the only clubs in the area to refund a substantial amount of club fees paid when the 2019/20 club season was cancelled. We are prepared to do what is right for our families again this year.

2020/21 Club Volleyball Cost Information

MVSA Club Volleyball fees are all inclusive and very reasonable, providing an exceptional value for the money compared to any club in the USAV Chesapeake Region. MVSA Volleyball keeps costs down and provides more tournament play by hosting many tournaments ourselves.

The MVSA club fee covers:

  • Uniforms (two team jerseys)
  • All tournament entry fees (8–15 depending on age group – U11 and higher)
  • Practice gym space rental
  • Specialty clinics and team skills training
  • Lodging for head coach for all scheduled overnight tournaments – 3 to 10 nights depending on age group and team. All teams (with the exception of U10) will attend at least one overnight tournament with most teams (U13 and higher) attending more.
  • Lodging for players for all scheduled overnight tournaments (U13 and higher)
  • Equipment and supplies – balls, carts, nets, etc.
  • Program administration – mailing, website, coach training and out-of-pocket expenses, publicity and copies, club insurance, etc.

Parents/guardians are responsible for player transportation to and from all practices and tournaments. Players provide all of their own meals and cover all other personal expenses. Parents/guardians are responsible for their own accommodations.

Advertised team fees cover only the regular season. Teams that choose to attend post season tournaments and/or additional overnight tournaments beyond their budget fund-raise individually to cover their additional expenses.


How to Compare Club Fees

When comparing cost differences between clubs, it can be difficult as not all clubs list what is and isn't included. A failure to list this information should be a red flag.

Regardless of whether a breakdown is provided, here are some questions you can ask so that you have a better understanding of what participation with a particular club will actually cost your family:

  • Are uniform costs part of the fee? Have you seen a team at a tournament and every player has matching backpacks, warm-ups, and shoes? It looks nice, but more than likely you will be paying handsomely for that fashion choice above and beyond the advertised club fee.
  • How many tournaments do they play in? How many are local versus ones that require travel? The more travel tournaments a team is involved in the more your out-of-pocket costs will actually be.
  • For travel tournaments, how far away are they? Can you drive there or do they require a plane flight? Air travel is expensive, and tournaments that require it will add significantly to your costs. There is plenty of high-quality competition within a car ride of the DC Metro area so the need for air travel should be minimal.
  • How many overnight tournaments does the team go to? Are those costs part of the club fee? Are the players hotel costs covered? Do you have to pay for only your expenses or for those of the coaching staff as well? Many clubs travel heavily but none of the costs associated with that travel are part of their fee. If that is the case for a club you are looking at, be aware that actual costs will be significantly (sometimes thousands) more than what is advertised.
  • How many players does the club allow per team? The substitution rules of volleyball actually make it difficult to meaningfully involve more than ten players in a set. If the club you are looking at routinely takes more than ten players per team, they may be making up for lower fees with player volume and your child's playing time in tournaments may suffer as a result.