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MVSA Junior Olympic Volleyball Program

The MVSA Junior Olympic Volleyball (commonly called "club") program begins with tryouts in November at the conclusion of the High School regular season. Club volleyball requires a major time commitment by both players and parents. Parent volunteers are critical for carpools, chaperones and assisting in tournaments and club operations.

MVSA Volleyball hosts several tournaments each season in every age group so our teams benefit from the cost savings and by playing closer to home. Teams typically practice two to three times a week. Single day tournaments last all day from early morning into the evening. Teams will play from 8 to 15 tournaments on weekends (most one-day events) starting in January through the conclusion of the regular season (May - June). Older age teams play more and travel more to tournaments requiring overnight stays.

No club can guarantee any player a college scholarship. However, the vast majority of players that earn volleyball athletic scholarships and play in college developed their skills, received exposure to, and were recruited by college coaches through club programs just like MVSA Volleyball. The MVSA Volleyball program provides every player the chance to develop their volleyball skills to the limit of their ability and dedication to improve. The top teams in the U14, U15, U16, U17, and U18 age groups play in the Mid-Atlantic Power League. These two-day tournaments are held in Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania and are attended by college coaches. Participation in major inter-regional events like the Northeast Qualifier and East Coast Championships provides further exposure to college coaches from across the country. The MVSA Volleyball College Recruiting/Scholarship Committee provides assistance to parents and players on college scholarship issues. MVSA Volleyball also provides free gym time and assistance for making college recruiting videotapes. Many MVSA Volleyball players have gone on to play in college at all levels from the top NCAA Division 1 down through Junior College.