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MVSA Junior Olympic Volleyball

MVSA sponsors a Girls Junior Olympic Volleyball program that will be in its 26th season in 2017. In 2016 MVSA Junior Volleyball sponsored 21 teams that played in various regional tournaments on the East Coast as well as major events like the Monument City Classic in Richmond VA, the Northeast Qualifier in Baltimore MD, the Capitol Hill Classic in Washington DC, the East Coast Championships in Pittsburgh PA and the AAU Happy Volley at Penn State University.  Our 18s attended the Power League Championships in Puerto Rico and will do so again this year.  MVSA will again be playing in the Mid-Atlantic Power League for one or two teams in each of the 14s, 15s, 16s, 17s and 18s age groups.  Those teams will have slightly higher club fees due to the additional costs of those overnight tournaments.

Teams will practice 2 to 3 times a week using the local facilities in the area. Most of the teams will attend conditioning and strength training sessions in addition to their practice schedule. Teams will compete in 8 to 12 tournaments dependent on the team and tournament availability.

The 2017 MVSA Junior Olympic Volleyball Club plans to field the following teams:

* 1 - 10 and under
* 2 - 11 and under
* 3 - 12 and under
* 3 - 13 and under
* 3 - 14 and under
* 3 - 15 and under
* 3 - 16 and under
* 2 - 17 and under
* 2 - 18 and under

The mission statement of the MVSA Junior Olympic Volleyball program is to:

  1. Provide competitive volleyball opportunities for young athletes.
  2. Be competitive with the best teams in the Chesapeake, Keystone and Old Dominion regions of the USA Volleyball.
  3. Provide a well run and respected program.
  4. Provide a program at a relatively reasonable cost.

MVSA coaches have a wide range of experience in coaching youth and are governed by a strict documented Code of Conduct that has been refined over the many years of MVSA's existence. 18 of the MVSA Girls Volleyball coaches have attended the USA Volleyball CAP I and/or CAP II clinics.